Our extraordinary team
TwinLogix is a team composed by skilled computer engineers, able to offer products and services for both Mobile and Web sector. We are perfectionists and always alert to new technologies.

He holds a degree in economics but he has always been into Information technologies.
He founded Twinlogix in 2007, and since then, he has been engaged in a process of scouting among the brightest minds of the territory. The informal, collaborative and enthusiastic approach is typical of Paolo.

iOS developer. He is in love with all Apple products, the apple has more effect on him than on Snow White!

Is a developer qualified in Web applications...waiting to sell some license to Google and croown his dreams of glory!

Specialized in complex systems and in the development of front-end applications for both Web and Mobile Web. He describes himself as a sportsman but his favourite activity is Birdwatching!

Is the only electrical engineer at Twinlogix but he doesn’t fear discriminations. He describes himself as a full-time Java developer.

Front-end and back-end developer.After a past as gymnast, between jumps and somersaults, today is dedicated to the development of information systems.

She deals with everything regarding communications and CRM. Being a talkative person, she has studied foreign languages for years. She has too many things to say for speaking only Italian.

iOS and Java Developer. Being a guy with a very curious nature, he is keen about everything that concerns science and technology.

Sviluppatore Titanium Appcelerator e Android. Poliedrico e sempre alla ricerca di nuovi orizzonti tecnologici.

Sviluppatore iOS a tempo pieno... salvo quando tira dalla lunetta.

We love our job and we are glad to share it with you! Keep yourself fully informed about our news and technologies we use to develop! Follow our blog.