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Twinlogix is the perfect partner for anyone who wants to realize iOS or Android Apps, or even systems based on the most up-to-date web technologies and therefore able to offer a cutting-edge user experience
According to 2011 statistics, the 87% of the global population owns a mobile device and an increasingly percentage of users have access on the Internet using their tablets or smartphone. It is becoming essential for companies to establish themselves in this market by devoloping Apps or an optimized website for mobile devices. Twinlogix is ready to offer you the adequate support to your needs and the necessary competence in order to create a Mobile Solution that suits your needs perfectly.

Understanding the future and the possible criticality of a project is one of the most important and complicated activity for a sofware house. Our available weapons to succeed in this challenge are: a strenghtened customer requisites definition process, the experience matured in the IT sector and in the complex systems management as well as the most innovative competence, theoretical and practical, coming from a young but constantly up to date team.
Moreover we can offer an extreme flexibility, to analyze any existing situation as well as a great adaptating ability so that we can evaluate any possible evolution of costs and feasibility.
As a consequence, we can afford to evaluate your needs and guide you in the selection of the best solutions, in order to realize your project or solve your problems.


We shape your idea: you imagine it, we make it tangible and authentic in few hours. We follow an agile, flexible development method, grounded on modularity and reuse of codes. We are up to give life to functional prototypes that allow you to consider the efficiency of our work but even of your idea. From requisites definition to the deploy of the first operative solution, we are willing to a constructive confront with our customers, so that we can refine your ideas while shaping them. Furthermore, applying the modern principles of software engineering, as best as we can, we shorten the way between prototype and product.

Web Development
Today’s web is very different from what we used to know back in the days. Thanks to the most modern technologies relative to the new HTML5 standards, we develop applications that go beyond the classic concept of website. Nowadays Internet is a powerful, distributed platform on which is possible to run Applications, without specific complexity limits. The ability to know what libraries and new generation frameworks are better to use, permits us to take advantage of the strong points of Web and go beyong its limits. Therefore we can build up software solutions that offer a really advanced user experience comparable, or even superior, to the ones from the classic desktop applications.
Sencha ExtJS is the most powerful Web development platform for professional desktop applications, is able to offer a cross-browser compatibility, an advanced MVC architecture and modern graphical user interfarce.
NodeJS is a Web development platform based on Google’s Chrome Javascript Runtime, designed for the creation of applications focused on velocity and scalability. Thanks to the employment of a full event-driven model and a I/O non-obstructive model, NodeJS is the most efficient solution for real time and data-intensive applications.
Bootstrap is a library for Web development with a responsive layout born in Twitter’s laboratories and then distributed with an open-source licence. It has become almost a standard for the development of applications able to consider modern devices heterogeneity.
jQuery is a Javascript Library fast, easy, fun and full of features that has become a standard for Web Applications development.
Mobile Development
Mobile Applications ecosystem is our true core business, on which we can offer the best and most current compentencies. We have a dedicated pool of developers who works on these platforms since years, when applications were not yet so renowned and widespread. Chasing its evolution, we capitalised awareness and we are up to create complex products following those standards suggested by the respective platform.
With lots of applications on the shoulders, we can guide you to the development of successfull Apps, capitalizing your ideas.
iOS is the popular operating system devoloped by Apple for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, based on Objective C language.
Android the open-source operating system for mobile devices enhanced by Google and based on Linux Kernel.
Sencha Touch is an high-duty framework for developing Web and Mobile applications based on HTM5 standard.
jQuery Mobile is a system for realizing graphic user interface designed for the most famous mobile devices, based on jQuery and UI jQuery libraries.
The path from data to information is long and complicated. Creating, extracting and adding value to your data is a challange we want to win. To us, speaking of reports, means to plan evolved analysis systems able to supply you with all the tools you need in order to cluster, segment and join your data and make them first class decision tools.
Usability, performance and scalability are always in our mind that is why we deliver to our customers products capable to prove their efficiency and duration in time.
Multi-agent systems are software systems developed to face problems with competitors systems and spread.
JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) is a software development framework in Java. Simplifies the implementation of a distributed multi-agent system.
The modern era of computerization involves amounts of data from heterogeneous sources. It is no longer enough to dwell on the collection, it is rather important to analyze and design information systems that combine versatility and scalability.
From this point of view, our experience in the use of non-relational databases allows us to add an important arrow in your bow, already composed by the skills in the use of the most popular relational-databases, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer.
mongodb it’s an open source document database designed for agile and scalable organizations.
The recipe for a successful software is composed by a development methodology and management able to supply warranties without having to settle for a compromise or compel to limitations. It’s essential to rely on established workflows that are the result of the experience capitalization in this sector. Our competence in the management of complex and big projects allows us to help our clients to define the most suitable development process for them.
SVN and GIT are version control systems useful to make a safe and optimal process development and a distributed maintenance of process software.
Redmine is a tool for project management and free bug-tracking, open-source and web-based.
Using the knowledge of a wide range of languages, technologies and frameworks we step forward as the ideal interlocutor for all of those customers who need to keep their system alive or to develop and modernize their software without drastic renovation, but with an evolution that can meet both innovation and backward compatibility. For this reason we promote the use of architecture based on services able to offer a long-term perspective to the product and the possibility of integration with heterogeneous systems.
SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is a software architecture appropriate for supporting the use of web services to guarantee interoperability between different systems.
SPRING is a framework for the developing of professional Java application and for the creation of high-performance codes.
TwinLogix is a team composed by skilled computer engineers, able to offer products and services for both Mobile and Web sector.
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