CassaNova is an easy-to-use tablet app for Android and iPad that will replace your bulky cash registers. Update your retail location with a sleek and efficent POS app that's simple, flexible and mobile. Download the demo and test it today.
Revolutionize your POS

CassaNova is the perfect app for those who need an efficient, customized and intuitive POS solution. Set up your own products, images and categories to personalize your inventory. Create departments and manage the VAT Rate to monitor discounts and saving information from clients. Update your business's look, feel and customer satisfaction with CassaNova.

Weighing Scale

Cassanova have special consideration also for merchants who work in close connection with the use of electronic scales, so it is possible to use CassaNova along with weighing scales of different brands.
They can be used in stand-alone or integrated into the cash counter.
How do they work?
The unit price - either with or without tare - is transmitted from the cash balance, which calculates the total price and sends it along with weight and unit price to a printer approved.

Back Up
CassaNova is strictly related to the device on which it is installed, this characteristic can't disregard the back up activity. Back up is an essential aspect for the management of data saved on the tablet in case of: damage, tampering, theft...
Through a process of synchronization with the Cloud system, each CassaNova workstation can activate its remote data backup and configurations in order to allow a safe recovery of the cash point.
Your data will be safe and sound with CassaNova!
Mini Fidelity
Cassanova offers a mono-station solution that does not require Internet connection to manage actions based on the boost of customers loyalty to your point of sale. Use physical cards with barcode and NFC contactless cards.
It makes possible the collection of points and the use of prepaid cards.
My CassaNova
My.CassaNova is the Cloud-based system that allows to control remotely the point of sale configuration and to display statistics related to sales by single shop or in an aggregate way.
CassaNova is a product designed to satisfy even the needs of those business that require a synchronized management of the point of sales and to control the sales summary reports and the stock management in real time.
My.CassaNova is a Cloud-based system that allows to connect to an online portal in order to have a clear view of your business trend straight from your computer or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. My.CassaNova is based on a solid infrastructure able to scale proportionally the needs of its customer, ensuring SLA of high level. This aspect makes CassaNova the ideal solution for those who run a single exercise but even for people who manage business with multiple point of sales.
Promo & Fidelity
CassaNova lets you manage point collection campaigns, offers based on prepaid card, promotions and discounts targeted for specific customers. You can also send messages or push notifications to your customers in order to keep them up to date on your shop news or special offers. This additional feature of the module My.CassaNova, works in synergy with the Cassanova app and with a new app dedicated to the end users (customers of the store), which manages all activities aimed at retaining your customers.
Stocks Management
CassaNova provides a complete multi-warehouse management dedicated to a single point of sale or warehouse management shared by multiple shops. You can organize the inventory levels and warning thresholds. In addition, with our barcode scanning technology, inventory tracking has never been easier!
We recognize the importance for all merchants to have clear and complete report concerning their sales by period, product, cashiers, departments and categories. Analyze sales performance is crucial to any manager, know which products make their business more profitable, which ones are the least required and sold is useful to organize orders for their stock.
Reports generated by CassaNova are available in PDF version, or if you prefer you can print or forward them to your email address.
Have you ever thought about converting your shop into an e-commerce?
CassaNova can do this for you!
Thanks to the module integrated with My.CassaNova, you will dispose of an e-commerce website complete of: online catalogue, cart and checkout of the various payment methods and SEO product description.
Offer your customers the opportunity to buy your products from the comfort of home, without fixed hours or need to reach your shop! Boost your sales and get more customers with your new e-commerce!
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