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JavaScript, by its nature, isn’t neither multi-threaded nor pure single-threaded. The greatest majority of implementations supplied by Web browsers, however, has always been single-threaded. Only recently, with the introduction of the Web Workers API in HTML 5 standard, it has been created a multi-threading notion, based on the use of multiple .js file, even if nowadays it isn’t used in a structured way as it is in other programming languages (C, Java, ect…).

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In computing, the vast majority of programming languages ​​is general-purpose, this is because they are designed to allow you to write software for any kind of application domain. Alternatively, in some contexts, there are so-called domain-specific languages ​​who sacrifice their generality in exchange for greater expressiveness.
The languages ​​of this second category, among which we find particularly famous as HTML or SQL, have the great advantage of allowing the programmer to design its solutions with abstractions that are closer to the domain of the problem to solve.

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06/20/2013 - 11:19

Designing and developing complex systems it is a task with lots of hidden dangers. Concepts that seem to be linear and easy to manage in simple systems, turn to be hard to control while increasing in components and complexity.
The main challenge of developing modern computational systems is facing all the problems related to the distributed components execution which interact simultaneously.

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Since April 2011, Sencha has introduced the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern into the core of its products, with the release of ExtJs version 4.0.
Only recently it has reached a certain maturity thanks to bugfixes and improvements, which led to the release of the 4.2.1 version, and thanks to the integration of the official documentation, inclusive of articles and examples.

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For those who may not know it, the MWC is the most important international fair for the mobile sector’s technologies. Held in barcelona since 2009, we have been there for the first time this february, for the 2013 edition, and we drew some interesting conclusions that I’ll try to sum up hereunder.

The MWC, orphan as always of both the most important actors in the international mobile panorama (Apple and Google), has underlined in a very marked way the presence of the two historically opposing competitors: the openness philosophy in opposition to the ones of closure and control.