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Sencha Cmd is a cross-platform command line tool that provides many automated tasks around the full life-cycle of your applications from generating a new project to deploying an application to production.

In this post I’m going to analyze in detail some tools that allows the creation and theming of an application made with ExtJS 4.2.


In order to use the tools provided by Sencha Cmd it is necessary to set up the system in which the application will be developed so that it presents the following requisites:

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One of the emergent technologies in the IT field, which recently achieved resounding success, is Node.js, an open-source cross-platform.
Node.js is a platform that develops information systems and is oriented to performance optimization, offering developers tools which simplify their job.

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The new features of the technological development occurred in recent years have enabled web technologies to make a significant step forward in terms of evolution.
This development has also contributed, more generally, to changes in software systems, as they can potentially be distributed over a wide panorama of devices, often very different from each other.