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06/12/2013 - 16:57

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced iOS 7, Apple’s newest mobile operating system, during the keynote address of its World Wide Developer Conference.
After Scott Forstall’s dismissal, who carried on the iOS development till last year, now is Jony Ive, the design guru, who supervised iOS 7 and redesigned it completely. The latest version of iOS is the first to aesthetically break away from the interface design that has been present on Apple's mobile devices since the introduction of the original iPhone.
Ive changed iOS’s design dramatically, saying goodbye to Forstall’s beloved skeuomorphism, who lots of professionals define as an unuseful recall to past.
The result of Ive’s work is an extremely flat, stylish and minimalist design, but it makes a full use of transparency, transition and 3D effects.
One of the first innovation that stands out are the new icons, much more colored and flat, free from shadows and glares, if compared to the previous one.


Lots of changes has been introduced even for iOS 7 technical features:

  • Control Center: one of the most expected innovation, Control Center gives you quick access to the controls and apps you always seem to need right this second. Now you only need to swipe up from any screen in order to do things like switch to Airplane mode, turn Wi-Fi on or off, or adjust the brightness of your display. Play, pause, or skip a song. Connect to AirPlay-enabled devices. And quickly access your flashlight, timer, calculator, and camera.


  • Multitasking:with a brand new style, now it’s available for every application. It’s possible to see each app you’ve opened, both from its icon or from a screen preview. Moreover, To quit an app, just swipe it up and out of preview.


  • AirDrop: at last, has been introduced even this new functionality, already present on OS X for Lion version. This permits to easily share files and multimedia contents with others iOS or Mac devices, next to you. Personally I believe that this function is useful but not innovative and even restrictive, because sharing is possible only between Apple devices. Furthermore is certain that AirDrop will be available only for iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Mini and iPod 5.


  • Notification Center: has been redesigned and now is partitioned into 3 tab. The first tab displays Todays’ notification while the second shows all the received notifications and the third only the lost ones.


  • iTunes Radio: the Apple answer to competitors’ services as Spotify and Pandora. It’s an Internet Radio integrated into the music app, which allows you to listen to music on streaming. It will offer a personalized experience since stations are inspired by music you choose or already listen to. Moreover you can create your own station based on songs and musical genre you like the most.


  • Photos: this app has been considerably improved, adding new features. The most remarkable is “Moments”, which creates smart groupings of your photos and videos based on time and place.


If we want to focus on innovation, It’s clear that iOS 7 is anything but revolutionary, with this upgrade Apple hasn’t brought any effective change into the Mobile sector, as instead it did in the past. Apple just improved what it was already an excellent product.
Apple can be proud of its hardware ecosystem as well as software and services, so perfectly integrated that offer a user experience completely satisfying, that is why its users hardly leave Apple for another platform. But competitors are always evolving and improving their products to keep up with Apple, and for certain aspects, they have even done better.
For how long Apple will maintain its status quo? iOS 7 will be a success or a way for competitors to gain market share?
iOS 7 will be available this fall as a free software update for iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, mini iPad and iPod touch 5.
But it’s likely that not all the new features will be present on all iPhone models.


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